Creative Thinking

In my view, most problems can be solved using your own brains. By inspecting your feelings and motives you often figure out the issue. It’s just that people nowadays don’t take the time to sit down anymore and instantly jump from their first emotion response to alternative ways to try and solve the issue they face.

Emotional response
You emotional response is a deep rooted thinking pattern, that is based on what we learned in the past, feelings, scents, sounds etc. They trigger reactions and responses from ourselves, but in many cases they do not help fixing the issues we face. In some cases they even worsen or escalate our issue.

Alternative help
Many times people instantly think that going down the path of alternative or paranormal help will solve their issue. But it does not help most of the times. Question is… why?

Creative thinking
One of the reasons i have come to understand is that a lot, maybe even most, issues are to be solved with Creative thinking. If the universe, god or whatever you call it has designed most issues to be solved using creative thinking, then they can and will not be solved with emotional responses or alternative / paranormal help.

Alternative / Paranormal help mainly serves as purpose to stimulate our creative thinking. Instead of making us float, alternative help is there to ground us, to clear our heads of floating clutter so we can focus on creative thinking. This creative thinking process will show you who you are, why you are doing this, and will let you know (in time) how to solve the issue.

Generally speaking, when you face an issue or struggle with something you first experience an emotional response, and you then should start with Creative  Thinking to solve the issue. Where needed, you can apply alternative help to power up your creative thinking.

More explanation about this topic soon in following posts. Feel free to comment or contact me if you have questions about this post.